Nov 16, 2015

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Most common errors on Instagram

Instagram and other social networking is the favorite places for users to find information on products and brands that are on your shopping list. The popularization of mobile devices has made the use of social networks to become one of the determining factors when completing our shopping factors.

According to recent studies, 73% of free instagram followers and consumers value the activity of marks Social media before making their purchases. These data should help to online stores to put the batteries in managing their online presence as a good use of them may serve to improve the sales of your business.When creating your online store it is advisable to book your user name in the various social networks such is Instagram, but not finish integrating your social media strategy. This will serve to prevent future shocks, such as identity theft or online reputation crisis.We know that Instagram is, today, the social network with more users, but is your target audience active in this social network? Depending on the vertical of your online store and the type of customer you want to achieve, you must choose the social networks in which to settle down and start posting content. For example, Instagram are a must stop for online fashion shopping, accessories and food. LinkedIn is perfect for professionals and entrepreneurs locate users. Twitter and Facebook, for its large number of users.

Constant monitoring of social networks can serve faster to solve the problems of your online store or orders users. In some cases that can generate negative reputation, it is essential to remain calm, take the mistake and keep the user informed at all times about the status of your claim, always offering the best solution to your case. Online stores that respond to complaints and claims of customers in social networks manage to improve the perception of your brand more effectively.

Direct interaction with your followers is one of the main advantages of social media marketing. For this reason, it is essential to foster the relationship with your followers and get your customers happy, as this will translate into loyal shoppers to your store.Use your profiles on social networks to publish value-added content for your customers: pictures, videos of products, news, launches, promotions and exclusive content. Do not forget to share Instagram photos the opinions or analysis of your users as well as to respond and thank their interactions. Its contents can be very useful for other customers and can also help you get new leads.

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Nov 8, 2015

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Mega Man Legacy Collection for PlayStation 4

Legacy Collection is a compilation of the first six games for multiple systems, first for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in early 2016 on Nintendo 3DS. Six classics of the genre for nostalgic or to discover, if you have not already done so, the legacy of Mega Man. Mega Man Legacy Collection is available with free psn codes 2015 Capcom attempt to recover one of his most memorable characters of 80 and 90. After the high-profile project cancellations and even the visual aspect of a Mighty No. 9- at least there appears to be no intention to forget this hero of programs and action.Capcom officially announced that if this collection is successful, other compendiums could come in the future.

Games are clasics, but the compilation does not bring too much content.If we say that Capcom or rather, Digital Eclipse Software- created an emulator and attached files under an initial menu probably it sounds like much, but it’s almost what we have with Legacy Collection. It’s really not as is what has been done: run on the Eclipse Engine emulation engine in place for further perfection and availability on multiple platforms, but the eyes of the user data may be of little relevance.But loyalty is a plus for the purists, since the conversion is very respectful to the experience in NES. How faithful? It includes the type of visual errors of the 8-bit sprites flicker and small slowdowns that must be understood as part of fun. Similarly, in the face of gameplay the frame delay NES is maintained. In theory, if game in a tube screen and pad 8-bit console would not know that this is a relaunch.

There are several ways to adjust the size of the window and add the famous ‘scanlines’.The emulation includes few graphics effects that are summarized in horizontal lines simulating a monitor and a TV –screen – to give some texture for their low resolution screens. There are settings for the size and proportion of the window: original, which covers most of the central area of the TV on a multiple of the resolution adjusted to the height.
We miss more options, such as the typical distortion curve on a CRT or more filters to experiment a little more. Such extras are what really give value to replay classic 25 years ago, available on many systems. And as we talked about technical defects, what about the possibility of eliminating the style Mega Man 9? Still. Mega Man Legacy Collection will give you hours of fun, if you are retro gamer, if you are not, you will look for some new 3d shooting game.

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Nov 3, 2015

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Tips and Tricks that will help you win Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most successful games in App Store. According to various reports, the application generates the company more than $ 6 million (£ 4.2 million) per day, despite being free to play.
By combining several players and the game strategy game, “Clash of Clans” is a compelling, long game. Most of the players at the top level spent more than two years to get there. Some players spend countless amounts of money in the game – to $ 1 million (£ 658,000), supposedly – but once you grasp clash of clans hack free – the basic steps that can help you to improve your game.

How the “Clash of Clans” work?
First a quick explainer what “Clash of Clans” is and what are the ultimate goals in the game.The game is based on the construction, and then protection of a village and attacking other payers. As the game progresses – marked by a higher level of City Hall, the centerpiece of the village – becomes more difficult, more expensive and so on. There are several types of defenses (from Cannons to the X-Bow), various types of troops (as the Barbarians or Golem), different sets of “Heroes” (unlocked at higher levels), and an assortment of other things you discover as you go. To accelerate upgrades and to buy more resources (which are divided into gold, elixir, and dark elixir), Supercell offers gems that can be purchased with real money (£ 3.89 gets you 500, and so on.) At the higher levels , updates can take up to two weeks.

Speaking of gems, the best way forward in the game is to save them for a rainy day – or at least, do not spend all of them during the tutorial (a strategy that encourages Supercell). Having gems on hand is useful to accelerate upgrades – especially in the late update – and boost mines and collectors, increasing the output 2x. You can also “encourage” the formation of troops or buy a shield that protects people for a specific period of time.
The gems can be harvested from the trees, rocks, etc., which cost a small amount of elixir. Some players spend thousands of dollars to quickly build their village, but the fun of the game comes from successfully save for things. Having a good design is very important, especially if you are playing to win “trophies” that come from successfully attacking a village.

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Oct 30, 2015

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Instagram Tips

Either in a personal or professional account, most Instagram users used hashtags to tag their posts and achieve greater visibility. If you have decided to be in this network, consider the following tips when using hashtags:
Until recently, this could be more difficult, but in one of their latest updates, Instagram has included free instagram followers suggestions to write hashtags; for example, when writing we also suggests #selfie #selfies, # selfietime #selfiesunday,… and not only that, but next to each the number of publications that have been made using that label also appears. So #selfie appears in some publications currently 273 million, #selfies in 19,000,000 5,000,000 #selfietime …

A hashtag appearing in dozens of new publications per minute will maintain our publication in the highest positions for a short time, and then it will be replaced with new pictures and will have a much better chance of being seen. Following the example above, #selfie has many publications, but there will be many users who enter the hashtag to check what was published fast enough for our publication, which in seconds will not appear at the top?
Short hashtags are more understandable and easier to read than long, since we can not use spaces in them. However, we must not write all the post title in single hashtag, although it is not convenient to use a hashtag for word. For example, if the post you are reading is published in Instagram, it should not be done with the hashtag #bestbusinesstipsforInstagram, but neither #tricks # on #Instagram. In the first case, because besides being difficult to read, it is difficult for someone to do a search with that term, and second, because most of those words appear separately on searches that have nothing to do with the issue of our publication.

Use hashtags in description results in an incomprehensible text. In Twitter, being limited to 140 characters, often we will have no choice but to Instagram do not have this problem, so we can leave the hashtags. It would be better to write the full description, without hashtags.When you publish a post on Instagram use tags that may be of interest. We use hashtags related to the subject of our post and prevent others who are not interested so much, even though they appear in the image or are mentioned in the text. As an example, if our post talks about a book on marketing in social networks and the image we use is where we’re reading that book on the stadium, we agree to put #Marketing or hashtags like # Books, before #Stadium.

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Oct 26, 2015

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Guitar Hero Ps4 Review

Guitar Hero Live is the newest musical game available for Playstation 4 with psn code generator online no download, that can turn you in real musical rock star. It brings new elements in gameplay that convey realism and emotion.

Activision and FreeStyle Games have made you ‘feel’ like a real guitarist. The public reacts, for better and for worse, clapping and chanting verses to our chains of notes and height of the song as well as our failures with sound, ugly gestures and cries of despair. And we do not talk only of the huge mass of people that do not stop moving in the pit and screaming on the track: the members and partners of our group will do likewise, they look will smile at each other if everything goes smoothly. We are confident that there will be critics – that some people saw this as a kind of adaptation of the FMV of the early and mid-nineties.

The other big news of Guitar Hero Live, lies in its innovative GH TV mode. In it, we can access a network of video clips of all ages, genders and artists in the game. Not much different from, for instance, the usual set of karaoke, but the truth is that we will end up playing here longer than we thought at first. Guitar Hero find two TV channels, which have the ability to choose songs, touched or more times, a kind of fixed schedule – channel with MTV-VH1 look, which will rotate every half hour. 1080p interface is comfortable, and the idea is great. It’s all very accessible, we have a button on the guitar that leads directly to GH TV, allowing our guitar playing songs with a more or less random in a large carousel of genres and artists that brings variety to a repertoire that might seem short or limited. Guitar Hero TV has a social component, with scores and tables with records and achievements of other users at all times visible on the screen, and a background for improvement and form-visual customization and power-UPS-which adds a new layer of interactivity.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this mode are monetizing and Coins Chips that you will need to play songs in specific video format. Guitar Hero TV offers three main parameters used to frame our focus. On the one hand, we have a basic currency, which accumulate after the end of each song, and the amount of which varies according to expertise or our way of playing. There are issues, blocks or Guitar Hero TV genres that allow us to collect more coins, especially when leveling up and let you access to more complicated songs.

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Oct 24, 2015

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Best Clan Tips

If you want to become a member of a Clan, here are some things that you should definitely do! Our advises Clash of Clans Avoir des gemmes gratuitement et légale, will help you to find a perfect Clan where you can grow and advance in the game!

The clans that have more than one Clan affiliate are usually very organized and have loyal members. This is because it has managed to collect enough people who share the value of growing, while working to improve themselves in the best possible way. This does not mean that individual clans are not organized, but the “family” clan-type generally contain most of the positive aspects that can be found in a larger collective, and in a vision of cooperative play directed by concrete well-defined goals.

How to become a member of a Clan Clash of Clans: join a Clan?
Let’s see how you may become a member of a Clan. To do this you must first repair the Castle of the Clan, which will cost 40,000 gold! Once you paid the fee and you complete the repair, you’ll have the opportunity to join a clan.
There are several ways to join a clan. Following are some examples. You can view the clans that have the status “anyone can join” and tap “enter”. You can send a request to those Clans that have the status “invitation”. Go to global chat and look at who recruited members for your clan. Some Clans have the minimum requirements to be met with regard to trophies. You cannot join, or send a request to join, if you did not meet these requirements.
After you have entered a clan, you have to know that there are different roles and hierarchies within it. The clan leaders are essentially those that have a great responsibility to manage the Clan. In order to create a new clan you will need to pay an additional cost of 40,000 gold, then immediately you can become the first member and leader of the new clan. The Chieftain has the administrative authority to invite players to join your clan, accept or refuse requests for participation, and increase / decrease the level of members.

In addition, a Chieftain has the ability to lower himself and promote another player as a leader. This move is generally made only in special circumstances and must be performed with extreme caution, because once that was done this, the former leader no longer has the same powers as before. Typically a Chieftain should do so only if the person promoted is trustworthy.

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Oct 13, 2015

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Skylanders SuperChargers Review

The new Skylanders, available with free xbox live codes, are coming with new improvements, the special place for your figures called the platform. It brings more content, more figurines and more vehicles with additional option to get special Skystone card for mini games. The game brings certain changes, for example you can use any figurine from previous games, and old characters can use new vehicles, too.

Characters have their preferred vehicles, so if you pair figurine with particular vehicle you will get significant bonus. The bonu comes in certain ellemental bonuses that are provided for your character, air, fire, earth or water bonus. Still, it is possible to finish game without vehicles, because game is offering additional solutions. Different tracks will lead to different destinations, some of them will lead to interesting boss battles, or arena fights. But, that is not all, during your explorations you will find additional mods that are special parts that can be used to upgrade your vehicles. You will be  able to upgrade your main character in the game, or your Portal master which is very nice add-on to previous games.

The new figurines are very nicely done, and they are great step in increasing quality. Characters are more dynamic and they tend to represent personality of each character much better. The figurines are upgraded, and this nice touch is very nice improvement. From other sides old players may be a little bit dissapointed, because in this addition trading cards are not included with new figurines, but instead you will get stickers. The gameplay itself is specific mix of rpg and platformer elements with new improved gameplay. Level design is really impressive, with some astonishing elements in the design. The themes are major ellement of the game, they are adding specific elements that are bringing a lot of excitement. Vehicles in the game are easily controlled, with some fine tuning for dodging and sprints. Tracks in the game comes in large variety, some of them will test your skills and reflexes. Action is very fast and the general impression is that the developers had younger generations in focus. The most interesting parts of the game seems to be special Boss fights, that will require a lot of coordination, You can also play in co-op mode, where you can either drive a vehicle, or play a role of shooter. Skylanders SuperChargers is mediocre game, that is specially designed  for fans and younger gamers.

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