Mar 3, 2016

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Introduction to Clans!

In Clan Wars it is necessary to be in good clan, after all this game is Clash of Clans! We will describe some of the most important elements of good Clan in the game!


The member is the lowest level of the hierarchy within a clan and has no additional powers. This is the starting position when joining a clash of clans hack. Members can not invite or encourage anyone, and may be thrown out of the Clan elders, co-leader, and the leader.


Elder is the title given to a member of the Clan who has achieved a higher reputation and a certain level, compared to the regular members of the Clan. An elder has the administrative authority to invite and accept requests to join the clan of the players and can kick and regular members (but, unlike the co-leader, you have to wait 20 minutes to do so). Compared to the past, now they can no longer promote other members to the rank of senior, as this is delegated to the Chieftain and the co-leader.

Whenever you go into a clan, you will always start as a member, even when re-entering a clan where you were a senior, a co-leader or a Chieftain.

The “Jumpers”

Some players like to “jump” inside and outside the clan (hence the name). There are four types of “jumpers”. First one is the one who jumps from one clan to another. This person usually becomes part of Clan, asks troops and then leaves. He who has friends in more than one clan and moves between these with the intent to “visit” those friends. He is usually a long-term player and has many friendships within the game that for various reasons end up in different Clan. Usually always well received by the various clans. The one who jumps from clan to clan for the sole purpose of increasing its level or just to try to complete the mission “Friend in Need” with success. Usually enters a clan, gives troops, and then goes away. This type of jumper usually is welcome among the clan. The fourth type of jumpers who joins a clan in order to become Leader. First, the player will ask to be a senior, co-leader, or Chieftain. It can also ask right away, trying to impress with its high level, the Clan recently founded donations or he is just acting friendly to win the trust of others for a few days. However, once this person gains the status of elder / leader, he will start to throw out all the members of the Clan. This is the main reason why the person who will hold the rank of Chief Clan and co-leader must be chosen carefully.

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Feb 21, 2016

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Fifa 16 Attacking Guide

Ultimate Team can be incredibly frustrating, because there will be games where you’ll have three times more likely than your opponent to eventually lose 0-1. This is why you need to invest a large sum in a top quality striker. In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, a good striker is critical therefore you should try free fifa 16 coins!

015Ignore trainer FIFA, play skill games instead
While FIFA Trainer is a noble attempt to introduce players to the basics of the game during a game, it takes too much real estate on the screen and is much too distracting to the point where it interferes with the meeting real. Instead, observe the skill games if you want to learn or improve fundamentals. They are still the best way to learn, and with the new and improved training exercises, this is the best and most fun year for them.
How to end a slide tackle early in FIFA 16
Press the button tackle slipped back after your player began his slide to make it back to his feet. This is a great way to recover from a failed challenge, and keep your defender near the ball and not give chances to score easily.
Use the EAS FC Catalogue
The EAS FC catalog is a great way to get a head start in the mode that you spend most of your playing time with. Enjoy being a career manager mode? Consider grabbing a financial takeover to give you a big cat Transfer to overhaul the team. Prefer plow hours in Ultimate Team? Take a strip of the coin stimulates littering the catalog to earn much more coins in the early rounds and build a strong team with great chemistry much earlier than usual.

When control of a team, always adjust tactics
In the last two games of FIFA, it was possible to customize the tactics of the team with incredible depth. You can decide how aggressively your team relies on the ball, what style of Football your team plays, which takes place every player on the field is even, which manages the attackers to the ball. In particular career mode, adjusting these settings in your opening few games will help create your ideal configuration and decide how you want your team to play. Whether you are a merchant or a ball of tiki-taka long technician, you can change these settings in the Custom menu tactics.

017Project WAS worth the price of admission, especially online
FUT Project is standout new mode of FIFA 16, and even if it comes with a high entrance fee (15,000 coins or FUT 300 Points), your price is always good to come in the form of packs. The more games you win in FUT project, the bigger the payout. Playing a project FUT line carries greater rewards than offline, so it is always worth taking a flat human opponents and see how far you can progress.

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Jan 10, 2016

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Most effective Clash of Clan Army Setup

If you are passionate Clash of Clans player, you will definitely search for ideal Army setup – army that will be practical and superior on the battlefield. Most of all you need right combination of troops that will guarantee that you will end the battle with significant profit. In this text we will present you simple yet practical army combination that is ideal for farming.

There are many unit combinations that you may combine in Clash of Clans. Some players like to unleash Dragons or Giants in order to be victorious. We may say that such attacks can be successful, and usually they are, high cost units are usually highly effective in the game. But, there is one crucial element in the game – clash of clans triche, that prevent us from this ideal setup – using most expensive is simply not profitable! If you engage your most expesive troops in a battle you will soon find yourself in awkward position – you may be victorious in the battle but your loses may be greater than your gain! Therefore it is important to precisely calculate exact cost of any unit and decide is base worth of starting assault. At the end of the day, you want to get some resources and invest them in upgrading your base. If you follow this logic, you will conclude that you actually need – cheap, still effective army!

Here is just an army you need – Barch tactics! Yeap, it is an army made of Barbarians and Archers. They are fast, versatile, and what is important they are cheap, in other words you will get the largest profit if you are using them as your primary force. The strength in this composition lies in numbers and in the fact that they are easily replaceable. At the beginning of attack deploy first wave of Barbarians around most noticeable Towers, then after few seconds deploy the first wave of Archers. Snipe Wizard and Archer Towers to eliminate early threat. Then start to spam wave after wave, Barbarian and then Archers. You can add a few Spells in your arsenal, personally I suggest that you should add Lightening Spells for fast destruction of dangerous Towers and Rage Spell that will increase damage dealt by your troops.This strategy looks simple, but it is very effective for farming. With this army you will collect more resourcess then with high level army, consist of expensive units.

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Dec 25, 2015

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Fifa 16 Simple Tips

In this year’s edition of FIFA, there has been more emphasis on player and team stats. Statistics include endurance, strength, agility and attack or ability to defend as a team. The previous version of the game did not give more impact on these aspects and the focus was on the individual gameplay. The launch of the FIFA 2016 created a huge amount of gamers worldwide. FIFA 16 got a lot of positive responses and a number of tips and tricks have been floating the internet on how to move forward in the game.

The evolution of FIFA includes fifa 16 coin generator, free movement; in previous releases, the ball seemed to be glued to the player, but in this version the ball seems to be more free. Turning to other team members or players makes a big difference – this time the ball speed can vary, which was not the case in previous games.Combat options are also customizable in the game where users have the opportunity to work on timing a tackle and direction. Catching the ball from the opponent becomes easier as the player learns different techniques. In this version of the game at the right time to attack has had more attention than simply press the button to make more difficult and realistic play. Intercepting the ball is more important and since that is the surest way to regain possession without getting a red card.
New players have the default mode trainer would help them to pick up the pace, however, as the game progresses the player has the ability to change the controller depending on the way they play. Controller mode also makes a big impact on the involved mechanisms, where users have the ability to customize the type of control, they are comfortable with.

Using L1 and LB during the short pass can help users distract the AI and gain more momentum to break the defensive wall. Users can also choose to trigger a return pass or let the receiver forward through space and try to score. It is also important to cue a team player before moving, if a user also has the option to order a potential receiver before moving the ball. Using the L2 and LT button, a user can also load the potential receiver to run forward before passing or passing to score a goal. Overall, the game has more than passing attention to clever adaptation to break the AI patterns and the user’s ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team and its players.

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Dec 16, 2015

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Pvp in Minecraft

Whether you are playing on dedicated servers, or occasional events, you often find yourself in front of other players . In this article we will discuss one of the great aspects of Minecraft: The player vs player (PvP or PvP for player against player). This article will discuss different techniques for pvp, construction of a logical basis and organized the tips in combat, it will help young players to defend themselves better and understand that Minecraft gives players great PvP.

To begin, it is to remember the way in which the game calculates the successful blows. A person will always be placed below the advantage of blows to the persons placed at a higher altitude. The point that distributes the damage is located above your character which receives attack and, in case of a relief or duel with an opponent always place at the bottom to have the advantage.Counter technique is for quickly switching between two clicks of your mouse to hit and make use of the “counter” that reduces damage, this technique has the main advantage to win against an opponent who does not use, but it also has a huge drawback: you lose your speed. The parade will slow your movement, where the opponent cannot put you away, because without speed you are sure to be hit first.The hit also takes into account the speed of both fighters, a player who sprints to another necessarily hit the first, this effect applies also in case of use Speed potion, so the speed is a major asset for win your battles.

Think for example about comment avoir un compte minecraft premium gratuit and the use of the knockback effect on your weapons, when the opponent is pushed, while it is powered, remember to run on it and speed and take advantage of new strike first. This element is a crucial rule in the pvp and governs many fighting techniques. A variant of this is also to be considered: if you back by hitting you will have less space of attack when you advance, and never attempt to try to flee or attack backwards, you will take each blow without realizing it. Minecraft is not a realistic game in fights. Never use the counter function with the intention to wait for your opponent.Finally: the power of your computer and connection is important, but know an opponent having a number of fps and a very good connection will necessarily be in advantage.

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Nov 16, 2015

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Most common errors on Instagram

Instagram and other social networking is the favorite places for users to find information on products and brands that are on your shopping list. The popularization of mobile devices has made the use of social networks to become one of the determining factors when completing our shopping factors.

According to recent studies, 73% of free instagram followers and consumers value the activity of marks Social media before making their purchases. These data should help to online stores to put the batteries in managing their online presence as a good use of them may serve to improve the sales of your business.When creating your online store it is advisable to book your user name in the various social networks such is Instagram, but not finish integrating your social media strategy. This will serve to prevent future shocks, such as identity theft or online reputation crisis.We know that Instagram is, today, the social network with more users, but is your target audience active in this social network? Depending on the vertical of your online store and the type of customer you want to achieve, you must choose the social networks in which to settle down and start posting content. For example, Instagram are a must stop for online fashion shopping, accessories and food. LinkedIn is perfect for professionals and entrepreneurs locate users. Twitter and Facebook, for its large number of users.

Constant monitoring of social networks can serve faster to solve the problems of your online store or orders users. In some cases that can generate negative reputation, it is essential to remain calm, take the mistake and keep the user informed at all times about the status of your claim, always offering the best solution to your case. Online stores that respond to complaints and claims of customers in social networks manage to improve the perception of your brand more effectively.

Direct interaction with your followers is one of the main advantages of social media marketing. For this reason, it is essential to foster the relationship with your followers and get your customers happy, as this will translate into loyal shoppers to your store.Use your profiles on social networks to publish value-added content for your customers: pictures, videos of products, news, launches, promotions and exclusive content. Do not forget to share Instagram photos the opinions or analysis of your users as well as to respond and thank their interactions. Its contents can be very useful for other customers and can also help you get new leads.

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Nov 8, 2015

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Mega Man Legacy Collection for PlayStation 4

Legacy Collection is a compilation of the first six games for multiple systems, first for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in early 2016 on Nintendo 3DS. Six classics of the genre for nostalgic or to discover, if you have not already done so, the legacy of Mega Man. Mega Man Legacy Collection is available with free psn codes 2015 Capcom attempt to recover one of his most memorable characters of 80 and 90. After the high-profile project cancellations and even the visual aspect of a Mighty No. 9- at least there appears to be no intention to forget this hero of programs and action.Capcom officially announced that if this collection is successful, other compendiums could come in the future.

Games are clasics, but the compilation does not bring too much content.If we say that Capcom or rather, Digital Eclipse Software- created an emulator and attached files under an initial menu probably it sounds like much, but it’s almost what we have with Legacy Collection. It’s really not as is what has been done: run on the Eclipse Engine emulation engine in place for further perfection and availability on multiple platforms, but the eyes of the user data may be of little relevance.But loyalty is a plus for the purists, since the conversion is very respectful to the experience in NES. How faithful? It includes the type of visual errors of the 8-bit sprites flicker and small slowdowns that must be understood as part of fun. Similarly, in the face of gameplay the frame delay NES is maintained. In theory, if game in a tube screen and pad 8-bit console would not know that this is a relaunch.

There are several ways to adjust the size of the window and add the famous ‘scanlines’.The emulation includes few graphics effects that are summarized in horizontal lines simulating a monitor and a TV –screen – to give some texture for their low resolution screens. There are settings for the size and proportion of the window: original, which covers most of the central area of the TV on a multiple of the resolution adjusted to the height.
We miss more options, such as the typical distortion curve on a CRT or more filters to experiment a little more. Such extras are what really give value to replay classic 25 years ago, available on many systems. And as we talked about technical defects, what about the possibility of eliminating the style Mega Man 9? Still. Mega Man Legacy Collection will give you hours of fun, if you are retro gamer, if you are not, you will look for some new 3d shooting game.

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